The problem with a wall bed…

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Of all the wallbeds that we’ve built in our shop, there seems to be a common concern that arises again and again.  I’ve found that most of our clients are good consumers.  They do their due diligence.  They carefully weigh all the options and design elements and make the choices that best suit their needs.  I’ve not yet had a client that is not pleased with their project, but still this one concern continues to come up.

Their guests stay too long.  They invite family and friends over for a weekend that turns into a repeat the following weekend.  A two day vacation turns into three- and four-day getaways.  It seems that their guests are too comfortable.  In order to address this concern, I’ve compiled the following list of temporary modifications that might help to encourage your guests to take their leave.

Any of the following items, carefully placed within the bed between the mattress and platform might prove to be the straw that broke the camels back (or, in our case, the crick that sent them home to their own bed):

1.)  Golf clubs.  Start with a thin putter and work your way up to the larger drivers as the days go on.

2.)  Umbrellas.  Ideally ones that don’t have a pushbutton to open, as the resultant eruption could put them on to your tactics.

3.)  Canes.  Similar in result to umbrellas, but be careful of the ones that have four feet and can stand on their own.

4.)  Ironing boards.  Perhaps the most versatile of the list, as they can be placed right side up, upside down, horizontal or vertical.  Probably best to leave the legs folded down, but use your discretion.

There are, of course, countless other methods and means to discourage the persistent guest.  I would encourage you to use your imagination and explore all your options.

In the event that the above methods do not prove to be successful, you could simply entreat them to leave your furniture alone and have a wallbed installed in their own home.  My number can be found on this website.

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