Ode to a doorknob

By , 26 May, 2011, 3 Comments

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Occasionally, a really unique project makes its way into my shop.  Such was the case recently when my friend Don Harkey called.

“Jason, can you make my mom a coat rack?”

(Well, yuup).

“Sure, Don.  Does she have anything specific in mind?”

(Like nails in an old board?)

“Well, she has a box with six glass door knobs and four glass curtain hooks.  Can I bring them to you?”

(Ummmm…. sure?)




“Ummmm…. sure?”

So, I have a box of glass knobs and hooks.  I’ve mentioned before that I like things that are well made.  I said that in the context of tools, but apparently my affection extends to other things (who knew?), because these are really fantastic.  These aren’t cheap clear plastic hooks or knobs, either.  These are glass.  Heavy glass.  Solid glass.  Some of the knobs have been painted at one time or another, but most of that’s gone now.  And one of the knobs is brass.  Just a standard brass knob, but it certainly seems to have earned it’s place with its cool glass cousins, so I’m leaving it in.  And I’m not cleaning any of that paint or tarnish off.  It took a long time to get that patina and I’m not touching it.

In addition to being in great shape, the Art Nouveau style is classic.  If I had to guess, these little treasures are close to a hundred years old – straight out of the late 18 to early 1900′s.

So, what to do with them?  I refuse, REFUSE, to just mount them to a board and hang it on the wall.  First of all, I have to consider and pay homage to the fact that these were part of a house, specifically a door, at one time.  (Actually several doors, but let’s not get nitpicky).  Second, I have to respect the Art Nouveau styling, with its sinuous lines and abstract motifs.  And finally, this has to be a functional rack, not just a pretty thing to hang on the wall.  (When I was a kid I got in trouble if I hung my coat on a door knob.  Now I’m encouraging it!)

So, this is the start of that project.  More pictures will follow in a couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

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  • Amie Frantz

    Very Cool! I’ve never seen glass curtain hooks.

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