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Well, it seems like forever since I last posted. It’s not because I’ve been lazy. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’ve been buried with projects for the last several months… the total for this year stands at 29 separate projects covering 52 individual pieces. Excuses, excuses, I know.

I came across an article recently in Dwell Magazine about contractors that I thought you all might enjoy. Well written and good info, so I’m going to link to it below and let you read it for yourself. Enjoy!

An Introduction to Contractors

Architect-author, Dan Maginn of El Dorado Inc., in Kansas City, Missouri, gives us the inside track on one of his favorite subjects: contractors. Learn what makes them tick, how to work with them, and how to keep all your fingers.

Contractors fascinate me. They always have. They are fundamentally different from other people. They have their own language of sorts and their own curious customs and mannerisms, like Klingons, or French people. They have cool belts and cool stuff (multitools, wee little anodized flashlights, and other things that would be handy to have) fastened to their cool belts. They look different, and they smell different. They smell like work getting done.1 In this perhaps, contractors are not so much like French people.

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