I prefer hammer…

By , 18 May, 2012, No Comment

There are some days in the shop that I can do no wrong. Every cut is dead on. Every measured mark is exactly where I need it to be. Motion is fluid and efficient. On those days splinters turn away before me, sawdust parts around me like Moses in the Red Sea (or Charlton Heston, depending on your background), and crooked lumber will straighten itself with merely a touch. I can turn a stack of plywood sheets into three dozen precisely cut, rabbeted, dadoed, shelf pinned, pocket-holed and sanded parts in the blink of an eye.

Today was not one of those days. My knuckles are bloody from cuts and scrapes. I spent the day turning mis-cut, messed-up, splintered scraps into smaller pieces of mis-cut, messed-up, splintered scraps. I have slivers in my eyeballs and dust two inches thick on my tonsils.


Ah, well. Sometimes you’re the hammer. Sometimes you’re the nail. Time for a beer.

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