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A mattress against the wall…

By , 9 August, 2010, 5 Comments

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I’ve helped with a few house additions in my life.  I’ve dug the ditches for the foundation, helped pour the concrete and frame the walls.  I’ve pulled electrical wire, laid shingles, hung drywall, installed flooring, and all the hundreds of other tasks that go with adding a room onto your house.  It’s not an easy undertaking, nor a cheap one.

Take a simple house in the Midwest, for instance.  Most builders would agree a basic room addition could be completed for $75 per square foot.  Let’s assume that you wanted another bedroom on your house, a minimum of 12′ x 12′, or 144 square feet.  That room will cost you around $10,800.

That doesn’t take into account the time involved in such a project.  A good builder could probably complete the task in 3-4 weeks, depending upon the weather, his schedule and the size of his crew.  That’s a month of your life being in a shambles.  No vacation days away from home.  Not many quiet days on the couch.

Now think about the house you live in, as it stands today.  What if you could effectively add a room to your home without all that nasty stuff listed above?  A wall bed gives you that option.  A queen wall bed folded up takes less than 8 square feet of floor.  By comparison, a normal queen size bed consumes nearly 35 square feet of space.  If it’s in a guest bedroom, that’s 35 square feet that’s unused for anything else.  Wouldn’t it be better to stand the bed against the wall and actually use the house that you pay for?

And once the bed is out of the way, think of what you can do with all that space: an office, a den, a library, a workout room, a sewing room, or a kids playroom.  I’ve added all of those rooms to people’s homes with a simple wall bed.  The possibilities are endless.

On top of all that, the cost of the average wall bed is about $1,900 and can be installed in less than a day.  Even less if you build it yourself from a kit.  Compare that to $10,800 and a month of dust and noise.  Nearly a $9,000 savings.

Still not convinced?  Tell you what, go to your guest bedroom and stand the mattress up against the wall and see what the room looks like.  Leave it there for a week and see what happens.  You’ll start finding uses for that room that you didn’t know were possible.  And when you get tired of looking at the bottom of the mattress against the wall, call me.