For this year’s Spring cooking party Linda decided toLaissez les bon temps rouler with a Mardi Gras party!  Juan opened his home to probably 50 of his closest friends who proceeded to enjoy the food and company like there was no tomorrow.  Of course, there was a tomorrow, so we continued the party!  Some stayed overnight, but we ran home to enjoy our own bed, then ran back in the morning. I missed getting pics of lots of it, but here’s what I managed to capture. Each picture opens to the full sized bad-boy so you can drool on your keyboard if you so choose.

Laissez les bon temps rouler

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10 Responses to Mardi Gras 2011

  1. Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, regards. “All of our dreams can come true — if we have the courage to pursue them.” by Walt Disney.

  2. Linda says:

    Receipe collation has commenced and hopefully my transposing didn’t create too many bugaboos…..always exciting when the recipe isn’t doing what you expect. I’ll forward add’l recipes (Madeleine, Susan, Bean on the hook).


  3. Susie Peace says:

    I’d like to try that whole dinner again, all at once.

  4. For those having difficulty with the size of the originals, I’ve sized them down and reduced the quality a bit so they should open easily now.

  5. Pat Dupas says:

    MMMMMM!!!!!! Boy you guys sure have all the fun!! sounds like a blast!

  6. Pat Owens says:

    So my mind isn’t awake yet. Make that what Lauri and Hoop and Jason said. Where the #@%% is the erase button?

  7. Pat Owens says:

    Ditto what Linda and Hoop and Jason said!!!

  8. Lauri Di says:


  9. Jason Frantz says:

    I just had breakfast… but this all looks tasty!

  10. Nice photos, Angela! Thanks for posting.

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