Fail.  That’s how black-and-white this one is.  Main problem – burning dinner to a crisp!  (Get it – black and white?)

I came across this recipe and wanted to give it a shot.  But then I thought – let’s try grilling the pizza instead of baking it!  Did it matter that I’d never done that?  Not in the least!  However, I am somewhat lazy, so the first thing you’ll see is that I bought the dough instead of making it.  Tip: don’t go for thin crust if flipping it on the grill is going to be involved.

I sallied forth (it was quite a sight) knowing that it may end in disaster.  Let’s see what went wrong.

Here we have some very basic ingredients.  Dough, oil, asparagus, mozzarella and garlic herb cheese.


Jason’s mom gave us some asparagus and it was so fresh and tender!  I did my best to shave it but some of it just couldn’t be shaved any smaller, so we had a few larger pieces.  Yum!



The recipe calls for garlic herb cheese.  All I could find was Laughing Cow, so out came the individual portions, which I then cut up into small bits.  Note – this does NOT melt well in my gas grill which is the primary reason for the fail!

garlic herb cheese


I got everything ready by the grill so that it could be quickly put on when ready.

grill prep

I was supposed to take the parchment paper and slap the dough oiled-side-down on the grill then  peel off the parchment paper.  It was … challenging.  See the holes? Then I drizzled some olive oil on this side.

dough on grill

After a couple minutes I was supposed to flip it and put on all the ingredients, then close the lid so the cheese can melt.  Hmm, looks like I had some uneven heat there.  And what is that supremely charred piece stuck to the grill on the right?

done on grill

It was supposed to take about 7 minutes.  I checked every few minutes and that cheese just wasn’t melting.  It didn’t look like it was getting too done on the bottom, so I kept trying to get it to melt.  I finally gave up, deciding it looked delicious anyway.  (You can stop reading with this picture if you like!)

looks yummy

Let’s cut it up and try it.  Oh noes!  Too burnt to eat!  Kept checking pieces – all burned.  One wasn’t too bad (see picture above) so we tasted it and it was great!  But we decided the charring was a little much so we chalked it up to experience.  I wasn’t going to take a photo of the bottom, but Jason told me I had to embrace my failures.  So here it is, folks.  Pizza FAIL (with a strong chance of being tried again with many corrections such as melty cheese)!


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4 Responses to Shaved Asparagus Pizza

  1. Linda says:

    So I feel strongly that Boursin cheese would be a nice compliment cheese, along with something melty. Do like the concept overall want to hear how the second effort goes. Perhaps ya’ll should just install a pizza oven in the backyard near the shop.

  2. Brave of you to try. I think you should try again in the oven!

  3. Lauri Di says:

    grilled pizza–heh heh…

    • Raja says:

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